Design in Biology the bane of fisters,felchers ( aka slurpers), farmers etc or Evolution the solace of fisters, felchers , farmers etc


If one wonders why supposedly  intelligent  persons can  be  secular  and  embrace some  of the absolutely  foolish concepts which secularists  defend,  embrace  and  support like  rights  to  fisting,felching, farming,scat etc the  answer  starts  here.

Secularists  live  in  the  “Emperor’s new clothes” type  of  peer-pressure  delusion  that  Charles  Darwin’s findings  and  theory  of  evolution has  demonstrated  that  there  is  no  need  for  a  creator. This  is  of course nonsense .

Darwin’s  findings in fact  pointed  to  something that  Darwin himself  and  other  scientists  of  his  era  did  not  know  of  and  therefore  could  not refer  to  as  an explanation  for  changes  in the  morphology in  living  organisms- information / programming.

In our  experience to date however  information / programming  are  the  quintessential  evidence for the presence  of  mind / intellect as  it is  yet  to  be  demonstrated that a  code can originate without and intellect.

This  Blog  is  not claiming  that  codes which do  not  require  a  mind  may never  be  discovered what it is  claiming however  is  that the presence of a code is at present only explained by  a mind.  This  is  a plus  for the theistic  worldview which  can never  be  trumped.


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