Another BIG FAT LIE as per usual ?


If  the  following  are true  these are horrific  stories.  

Testifyingtotruth  cannot  help  but  be  skeptical  however  as  LGBT activists  routinely  lie about “homophobic” killings , the  David  Kato  story  being one  such lie  .  We hope  that an independent source could  verify  the  truth or lack thereof  of  the following.

The commitment to lying is so  strong prominent LGBT activists have posted the lynching of a man in a francophone African country on Facebook  as  an attack  on a homosexual  man in Spanish Town , Jamaica.

They simply lie, lie lie –  are  these stories the usual lies ?


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Supporting LGBT people in Uganda to gain safe passage out of immediate danger.

Action Alert! The Safe Passage Fund

The Safe Passage Fund Friends New Underground Railroad

PRESS RELEASE: August 16, 2014.
Six LGBT Murders by Stoning Reported in Rural Uganda

Others flee vigilante backlash to repeal of antigay law.

Uganda — Over the past week, Ugandan activists have reported the horrific murders of six LGBT individuals in a rural zone of the country: three gay men, two lesbians and a transperson. “They

were killed by stoning. One who survived (still breathing after stoning) was burnt alive using kerosene/paraffin and a match box,” stated a witness and source to the Friends New Underground Railroad (FNUR), a Quaker solidarity initiative helping LGBT people in Uganda.

A seventh gay man was reported to have been attacked by a mob and died a day later from head injuries. According to the source, a rural vigilant mob attacked the 28-year-old gay man in a different zone on August 5th. “I went to the scene,” wrote the eyewitness in an email. “I saved [____] when I lied to the mob that let me take him to the police.” The witness stated that he was able to convince the mob he would deliver the victim to the police, but instead put him on a boda boda, ( motorcycle) and rescued him. The victim was later denied medical care, he alleged, because he lacked funds to pay. Documentary evidence of the attack was provided, including pictures of the young gay man who died of his injuries on Monday, August 11th and buried two days later. Pictures provided from the scene show a young man sitting on the ground in a public street, his face and neck covered in blood. The sources have other details supporting the claim.

The reports come from several Ugandan activists, including those who helped rescue the head trauma victim. The reports were shared with Olympia, Washington-based FNUR (referred to as the ‘Railroad’) and then the Safe Passage Fund, a fund set up to help LGBT victims of persecution.

At press time, the names, identities, and location of the victims and the witnesses were not being publicly disclosed by the FNUR for security reasons. Several Ugandan rights groups in Kampala and researchers are launching independent investigations of the allegations. Local sources for the stonings say local radio stations in the zone have been broadcasting information about onantigay incidents. Further investigation is underway.

The new reports of antigay killings follow the recent repeal of Uganda’s draconian Anti- Homosexuality Act (AHA) by a Ugandan 5-judge court that deemed it unconstitutional on technical grounds, because Parliament had failed to collect a requisite minimal quorum vote (a third of MPs) last December. Christian evangelical leaders have in turn stepped up antigay messages on local radio stations that carry religious programming. Uganda’s Attorney General, who publicly supports the antigay law, has since filed a motion to appeal the constitutional court decision.

The climate worsened after 200 Ugandan LGBT activists and allies celebrated the repeal of AHA at the 3rd annual Uganda Pride at an Entebbe beach party last week, contend local sources.

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