The Bottom Line : The secular UK’s moral compass ?

Both major politics; parties in the UK have expressed their commitment to prioritise LGBT   “rights” overseas. These “rights” go beyond the human rights all citizens have to include  privacy “rights” to fisting, felching, farming, scat,anal penetration etc.

One cannot but wonder if “the Bottom Line” has become the now secular  UK’s substantial moral compass.


xxxx  E N D S  xxxxx

20 January 2003

The Bottom Line – all you’ll ever need to know about your arse

Ever been curious about prostates, the male G-spot, buttock exercises or douching? The latest booklet from THT explains all about these and more. Whether you want to learn more about how to enjoy anal sex, or have questions about the health of your posterior, The Bottom Line is for you.

Richard Scholey from THT’s Gay Men’s Health Promotion team said: “The booklet is designed to cover everything a gay man needs to know about enjoying and looking after his arse and the arse of anyone he’s having sex with. It covers a wide variety of topics, and we’ve used a mixture of illustrations and graphics to explain more about how the arse works, what it does, how it relates to other parts of the body and how you can make sure you and your partners get maximum pleasure from the arse.”

The Bottom Line continues the theme of THT’s current advertisements in the gay press which highlighted the facts about anal sex and HIV transmission. Topics include:

what’s inside your arse
different sexual activities involving the arse
taking things up the arse, from sex toys and douches to real life cocks and fists
anal health problems, including piles, constipation, rectal STIs and fissures
prostate awareness
exercise and eating for better anal health

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