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Transvestites Using Female Bathrooms
Published: Tuesday | September 30, 2014 5 Comments
THE EDITOR, Sir: Daniel Thwaites’ article ‘Gully gays and other mysteries’ (Sunday Gleaner, September 28, 2014) was rather timely, as I experienced a very weird situation at one of Kingston’s boutique hotels on Friday, September 26, 2014: transvestites using the female bathroom. Two female colleagues were traumatised by this in the following instances:

1. My colleague was on the way out of the bathroom when she came face to face with the individual and my colleague’s reaction was one of alarm and disbelief. I can still see her shaking her head, as if by doing so, the sight that she encountered would go away.

2. Another colleague had just entered the bathroom when she encountered the individual. My colleague immediately rushed out of the bathroom upon recognising that she was, in fact, an he, or, in Jamaican parlance, ‘like smaddy lick her fi six’, and waited until the individual exited the restroom.

I did ask the hotel what its policy was regarding transvestites using the female bathroom. They informed that they had advised them that there were bathrooms set aside for their use. however, they saw themselves as females and, despite the uncomfortableness generated by their actions, they still proceeded to ignore their designated bathrooms.

My own take on the matter is that one has the right to use the female bathroom if one was born a female or one has a piece of paper legally declaring that one is a woman. In the instances observed, it was clear that there were male persons using the female bathroom.


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