Of straight and crooked thinking : The Azusa Pacific Men’s Chorale vis-à-vis “Out and Proud” secularists on the streets.

“Those who support  same sex relationships, gender -fluidity and other such  concepts  as normal  are  not  simply pursuing  an action they are in  fact supporting a  world view which is unable  to define the concept of  abnormal”.


…… Testifyingtotruth …..

Secularists  have  no transcendent  plumb line  for  ethics  or  morals.

For secularists’   their desires  are  their  plumb line  and philosophical basis for  ethics  and  morality.  

Since  all laws must  be created within some philosophical  framework  secularists  create  laws  and  “rights”  around their desires.

 In this  philosophical  framework   activities  such  as  those  below  on

the streets  are  to  be regarded  as  “normal  and  positive” aspects  of   human

diversity  which must  be  tolerated  because  of   secularists’  “rights”  

such  as   gay rights



The different Azusa Pacific Men’s Chorale




Normal  Secularists  –  “Out  and  Proud”   and  on the streets  !

Gay Pride San Francisco

Up your Alley  –  San Francisco

Toronto  Gay Pride

Gay – Pride  Vancouver

London Pride 2

Gay Pride – England


Abortion :   a  much touted secular “right”


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