The difference is clear ! : The Azusa Pacific Men’s Chorale vis-à-vis “Out and Proud” secularists on the streets.

Secularists  have  no transcendent  plumb line  for  ethics  or  morals.

Secularists’ desires  are  their  plumb line for  ethics  and  morality  .

 In this  philosophical  framework   activities  such  as  those  below  on

the streets  are  to  be regarded  as  “normal  and  positive” aspects  of   human

diversity  which must  be  tolerated  because  of   secularists’  “rights”  

e.g   gay rights



The different Azusa Pacific Men’s Chorale




Normal  Secularists  –  “Out  and  Proud”   and  on the streets  !

Gay Pride San Francisco

Toronto  Gay Pride

London Pride 2


Abortion :   a  much touted secular “right”


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