Of Atheism , mindless drones and utter stupidity.


Sometimes  the role  of  the intelligent  man  is  simply to point out  the  obvious”

….  George  Orwell  ….

“Religion is the ultimate slavery: it is the slavery of the mind.” -Paula Kirby

The above  is  a quote  from from an atheist  and  it is  truly amazing  how  stupid  some  of  these  bird – brain people  can be .

The  author  struts arrogantly  while  all  the time  failing  to realise  that in  a  naturalistic paradigm neither  she  nor  any other  atheist  or  religious  person could  truly  be  said  to have  a  mind  which could  be  enslaved.  

Indeed   her  sense of consciousness , like  that  of  a religious  person,  would  be  merely  an  epiphenomenon  of  the  physical  processes  in her  brain.

Neither  she  nor anyone else  has  control  over these  processes.  Those  processes, her  sense  of  consciousness  and  her  thoughts  are fully  determined  solely  by  the laws  of  physics  and  the matter  involved.

Sorry  to  wake  you  up  of  your foolish  way of  thinking  Paula but in your naturalistic  paradigm no one ,  including  you ,  can  have  a mind  which could  be  enslaved.  You   and  all  humans,  religious  or  atheists , will  simply  be  fully  determined  automatons  with as much free will  and  free  thought  as  a  fly.

 Bird brain.

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