Straight thinking : ” nature discriminates against homosexuality” and dunce and depraved behaviours which have statistically increased risk of disease.

” Nature discriminates against homosexuality ” 




Peter La Barbera  and  Bill  Whatcott  before their trial began

The homosexual lobby has never sought to use argument to advance its  cause –  it can’t because  homosexuality cannot  be  supported  by logical argument.

Instead from the very beginning  the lobby  has   used ad hominem fallacy e.g calling  those  who  disagree  bigot, hater, homophobe  and appeal  to sympathy i.e claiming to be victims sometimes using “big fat lies” of  so-called  “homophobic  killings”  when the murders  were  actually lovers quarrels.  

David  Kato in Uganda was killed  by someone he approached for  sex but his murder  was framed internationally  as the “homophobic killing” of a matyr.

As its power has increased  the LGBT lobby has begun to show  its  true “utterly fascist, utterly Stalinist” ,neocolonial, imperialist, anti-free speech, thought -policy Gaystapo colours with  attempts  to  restrict speech and  expressions  of  conscience.

The university of Regina  is apparently an  intellectual  ghetto which allows only pro-gay speech on campus.

We await  the  judges  decision on  the  case  against   Peter  La  Barbera   and  Bill  Whatcott to  find  out  if  Canada has  become  a  fascist, gaystapo  state which restricts free speech  and  engages  in thought- control.

The ad  below  by  the  Jamaica  Coalition for  a Healthy Society (JCHS)  presents medical  data which  confirms that  nature  does  discriminate against  homosexuals.



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