Why we do not have the luxury of allowing fools to make public policy


“The difference between stupidity and genius is that genius has its limits”.

…… Albert Einstein……


Psalm 14:1  says :  “The fool says in his heart, “There is no God.” They are corrupt, their deeds are vile; there is no one who does good”.

Secularism which seeks  to leave  God  out of  public  policy equates  to atheism –  the  world view  of  the fool.

The American Psychiatric Association (APA) in 1973 became the first medical association to declare homosexuality normal.

In doing so it became , to the best of my knowledge, the first medical association in history to define normal without reference to anatomy (design) and physiology (function).

The consequences for Men who have Sex with Men (MSM) and the wider society have been enormous.

In 1981 HIV was identified among MSM in American cities which had removed their buggery laws facilitating the phenomenon of bath houses where MSM had casual sex with multiple partners. HIV has spread into the heterosexual population but continues to affect MSM disproportionately . For example data published in 2011 indicates that in New York HIV rates among MSM are 140 times that of heterosexual males and research published in 2012 indicates that it would cost New York approximately half a billion dollars each year to provide pre-exposure prophylaxis ( PreP) to MSM to reduce this high rate of infection.

It has been established that 98% of the reason for the difference in HIV rates between MSM and heterosexuals is due to the combined effect of anal receptive intercourse (the most efficient means of transmission by intimate behaviour) and the fact that a given male can play either role on different occasions (role reversal)

Some 40 years ago the American Psychiatry Association set the world on a path which ignored fundamental principles of medicine and the chickens have come home to roost.

In 2012 researchers out of John Hopkins university indicated that MSM are the only group among whom HIV epidemics are expanding and this expansion is independent of the income levels of the countries studied.

In 2013 these researchers acknowledged that to date there no effective strategy to bring HIV epidemics among MSM under control. The reader can decide who is wiser on this matter ; the bronze age writers of the bible or the American Psychiatry Association and the World Health Organization and other groups which have followed the APA’s lead. For me that decision is a no-brainer.     

Should  those  who  make  public policy be  allowed  to impose  foolish  and  untested  ideology in matters as  important  as sexual orientation, gender, marriage  and  child rearing for  the catastrophic  consequences to come  to light 40 years later  ?

xxxxx  E N D S  xxxxx

AIDS. 2013 Nov 13;27(17):2665-78. doi: 10.1097/01.aids.0000432449.30239.fe.
The increase in global HIV epidemics in MSM.
Beyrer C1, Sullivan P, Sanchez J, Baral SD, Collins C, Wirtz AL, Altman D, Trapence G, Mayer K.
Author information
Epidemics of HIV in MSM continue to expand in most low, middle, and upper income countries in 2013 and rates of new infection have been consistently high among young MSM. Current prevention and treatment strategies are insufficient for this next wave of HIV spread. We conducted a series of comprehensive reviews of HIV prevalence and incidence, risks for HIV, prevention and care, stigma and discrimination, and policy and advocacy options. The high per act transmission probability of receptive anal intercourse, sex role versatility among MSM, network level effects, and social and structural determinants play central roles in disproportionate disease burdens. HIV can be transmitted through large MSM networks at great speed. Molecular epidemiologic data show marked clustering of HIV in MSM networks, and high proportions of infections due to transmission from recent infections. Prevention strategies that lower biological risks, including those using antiretrovirals, offer promise for epidemic control, but are limited by structural factors including, discrimination, criminalization, and barriers to healthcare. Subepidemics, including among racial and ethnic minority MSM in the United States and UK, are particularly severe and will require culturally tailored efforts. For the promise of new and combined bio-behavioral interventions to be realized, clinically competent healthcare is necessary and community leadership, engagement, and empowerment are likely to be key. Addressing the expanding epidemics of HIV in MSM will require continued research, increased resources, political will, policy change, structural reform, community engagement, and strategic planning and programming, but it can and must be done.


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