The Sexual Rights Initiative (SRI) views are being represented at the United Nations – are your’s?

” Your  future  and  your children’s  future  are  too  important to be left completely  in the  hands  of  strangers… you  need  to  be  vigilant”

…..  Testifyingtotruth…..



The  Sexual Rights Initiative (SRI)   is  aggressively  making representation about their  issues –  see  below –  at  the  United  Nations.

Are  you at  the  United  Nations  ?

are  your  views  being  represented at  the United Nations ?

is anyone at  the  United  Nations , speaking  on your  behalf, telling  groups  such  as  the  Sexual  Rights  initiative  that  you  and  your  nation  do  not  accept   made  up  “sexual rights”  for  your  children  etc ?

“if your  views  are not  being represented   at  the  United  Nations its your  fault –  the  Sexual  Rights  Initiative’s  views  are   being  represented”

xxxx E N D S xxxx

Our Issues

The SRI is committed to the right of every person to sexual and reproductive health and well-being, bodily integrity, as well as the right to have control over and to make free and informed decisions on all matters related to sexuality, reproduction and gender free from violence and discrimination.

The SRI regularly engages on a wide variety of sexual rights issues, particularly during the Universal Periodic Review, including:

Maternal mortality & morbidity
Comprehensive rights-based sexuality education
Criminalization and other restrictions on safe abortion
Empowerment of women and girls
Universal access to sexual and reproductive health information, education, supplies and services
The rights of sex workers
The rights of transgender and third gender persons
Violence based on the exercise of one’s sexuality including sex outside of marriage
HIV/AIDS and human rights
Discrimination based on sexual orientation
Sexual rights of young people
Early and forced marriage

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