Was bisexual, wife swapper Alfred Kinsey , the guru on sexology for secular / atheist sexual anarchists, mentally normal ?


Much of  the  sexual  rights  agenda  being  advanced  by  secular / atheist   sexual anarchists  is  informed  by  the  “research”  done  by  bisexual, wife -swapper  Alfred  Kinsey in  the  early 20th century  but  based on his biography  and  material  such as  that  in Wikipedia one  wonders  if  Kinsey  was  in fact  mentally normal.

Are   secular  /  atheist  sexual rights  anarchists  following  a mentally  deranged  man ?





Alfred kinsey

Kinsey married Clara Bracken McMillen in 1921, whose ceremony, like his college graduation, was also avoided by Alfred Sr. They had four children. Their first-born, Donald, died from the acute complications of juvenile diabetes in 1927, just before his fifth birthday. His daughter, Anne, was born in 1924, followed by Joan in 1925, and Bruce in 1928.

Kinsey was bisexual.[13] He and his wife agreed that both could sleep with other people as well as with each other. He himself slept with other men, including his student Clyde Martin.[14][15]


As a young man, Kinsey began inserting objects into his urethra – initially drinking straws before moving on to pipe cleaners, pencils and finally a toothbrush – to punish himself for having homoerotic feelings and inserting toothbrushes continued throughout his adult life.[17][18][19] After becoming accustomed to the pain of urethral insertions, Kinsey circumcized himself without anaesthesia.[19]



Kinsey’s research went beyond theory and interview to include observation of and participation in sexual activity, sometimes involving co-workers. Some of the data published in the two Kinsey Reports books is controversial in the scientific and psychiatric communities, due to the low amount of research that was done and Kinsey’s decision to interview and sexually experiment with volunteers who may not have been representative of the general population.[23] Kinsey justified this sexual experimentation as being necessary to gain the confidence of his research subjects. He encouraged his staff to do likewise, and to engage in a wide range of sexual activity, to the extent that they felt comfortable; he argued that this would help his interviewers understand the participant’s responses.[24][25] Kinsey filmed sexual acts which included co-workers in the attic of his home as part of his research;[26] Biographer Jonathan Gathorne-Hardy explains that this was done to ensure the films’ secrecy, which would have caused a scandal had it become public knowledge.[27][28] James H. Jones, author of Alfred C. Kinsey: A Public/Private Life, and British psychiatrist Theodore Dalrymple, amongst others, have speculated that Kinsey was driven by his own sexual needs.[29]

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