Roe vs Wade , Doe vs Bolton : beyond barbaric , beyond savage legislations.

“If we could see ourselves as others see us, we would vanish on the spot”.

…..Emile M. Cioran….



One  is  left  to  wonder  how  much deeper  into  depravity  and  savagery  secularists  are going  to  take western civilisation. There  are  the atrocities  of  secularists  like  Stalin but even his  pale in comparison to  that  of  radical feminists  and  their  secular atheists  and functional atheists supporters.

Today , January 2nd 2015, marks  the 42nd  anniversary of  the passage  of  Roe vs Wade  and  Doe  vs Bolton.  These  two pieces  of  legislation must surely be  amongst  the most , if  not  the most,  barbaric, most  savage  pieces  of  legislation in the history  of  human civilisation.  

That  they  are  a part  of  the   legislated  framework  of  the  United  States  is    a  cause  for  concern. 

These “beyond barbaric, beyond  savage ”  pieces  of  legislation  are  the  brain –  child  and  darling  of  the  savage  secular  left.  Together  they  give  women  in  the United  States  a  “right”  to  destroy  their  unborn children  at  any time  during  pregnancy and  throw  the  dismembered bodies into  the  garbage.

It  is  absolutely shocking  that  a  so-called enlightened and  rational  society  could  kill  by  dismembering  almost  57 million human beings  during  the  last  42 years.

Despite  its  pretence to  civility  and  sophistication ,in  this  matter , the  USA  is  showing  itself  to  be  among  the  most  savage,  most  barbaric  ,  most  depraved  civilisations  which  have  ever  existed.

Fortunately  for  the  United  States there  are  still  persons  with straight moral  compasses  unlike  the nihilistic  secularists / atheists  so  one  welcomes  the attempts  by the  Republican congress  to  place  restrictions  on  savagery  and  depravity.  




xxxxx E N D S xxxxx

John Boehner


On the 42nd anniversary of the Supreme Court’s landmark abortion rights decision in Roe v. Wade, the U.S. House of Representatives voted 242-179 to pass a bill that would codify a ban on federal funding for abortions.

The bill would prevent women from having their abortions covered by Medicaid; restrict a woman’s ability to buy private insurance plans that include abortion coverage; and deny small businesses a tax credit, which they currently receive through the Affordable Care Act, if they include abortion care in their health insurance plans. It would also prevent the District of Columbia from using its own local funds to subsidize abortion care.

Democrats tried to use a procedural move Thursday to sink the bill or send it back to committee. Rep. Gwen Moore (D-Wis.) submitted a motion to recommit the bill, asking that it be amended to “prohibit any violation of the medical privacy of a woman regarding her personal choice of health insurance coverage, including victims of rape and incest.” But Republicans rejected the motion and passed the bill.

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