Resisting depraved and savage secularists .


The US Supreme Court is  due  to review “same-sex marriage equality”  soon and an encouraging sign coming  out  of  the  USA which hopefully  the court  will  pay attention to  is  that  honourable  Americans  will not  roll  over and  let  secular  savagery  or  stupidity  be  integrated  into  their  lives.. They  will  fight  back.

In 1973  the Supreme  Court  made  abortion at any  stage  of pregnancy legal  in the  USA. Wonderfully,  This  act  of  savagery  and  barbarism continues  to  be  resisted  today.  

Kudos  to  the  heroes  of  the  pro-life  movement  who  continue  to  stand  for  the  good  and  decency against  killers  who  have  declared  war  on  the  young  and the weak.  

We  can only  hope  that  the  court  will  make  its  decision based  on logic  and  not  emotion, ideology  and  anarchist  tendencies.



 Abortion a secularists’  ideal   

xxxxx  E N D S  xxxxx

Can you say, “Satan”?
Wow, headlines like that only come along once a year.
In this case there was another headline almost as good: “Planned Parenthood now has fewer abortion clinics than the year Roe was decided.”
And a third headline, not so good: “Planned Parenthood now operates over 45% of all U.S. abortion clinics.”
American Life League has just issued its “2014 report on Planned Parenthood facilities in the United States,” with some interesting finds:
In its annual report, Planned Parenthood said it committed 327,653 abortions in 2013, had a record income of $1.3 billion, and a near-record profit of $127.1 million – giving the impression of a thriving organization.
However, when one digs deeper in the service numbers in the annual report, a different picture of PP’s status emerges…
Planned Parenthood did fewer abortions last year than it did in three of its last four years. Planned Parenthood’s customer base fell to its lowest level since 2001.
The number of PP female contraceptive customers is lower than nine of its last 12 years.
Planned Parenthood breast and cervical cancer screenings have dropped 40-60 percent since 2009.
During 2014, Planned Parenthood Federation of America continued to close “health centers” at a record rate. This year, it closed 34 centers in a total of 19 different states.
Planned Parenthood now operates 668* centers in the United States, of which 337 commit surgical and/or medical abortions. Planned Parenthood is the nation’s largest abortion chain, operating 45.6% of all the surgical/medical abortion facilities….
PP Centers closed in 2014 = 34
PP Centers opened in 2014 = 7
PP has 337 centers that commit surgical or medical abortions (5 fewer than last year)
Of the 337 centers, 173 centers do surgical abortions (most also do medical abortions) (1 fewer)
Of the 337 centers, 164 centers do medical abortions but not surgical (4 fewer)….
This year is the first time in 10 years that Planned Parenthood had fewer surgical abortion centers AND fewer medical abortion centers AND fewer total number of surgical/medical abortion centers.
*Planned Parenthood had 668 centers at the end of 2014. Since then, as Jim Sedlak of ALL told me this afternoon, two more centers have closed, in Battle Creek, Michigan, and Issaquah, Washington, bringing the total to the deservedly demonic 666. As Bible readers know, Revelation 13:18 denotes 666 as the satanic mark of the beast. How rich.
Back to highlights from ALL’s report:
One of the important measurements of the influence of Planned Parenthood is the number of facilities it operates across the country. Planned Parenthood has always looked at the number of its facilities as representing the reach of the organization.
In 1993, right after Bill Clinton was elected president of the United States, PP had 922 centers and publicly announced a plan to have 2,000 centers by the year 2000…. PP never reached 2,000 centers. The highest number it had was 938 in 1995.
So Planned Parenthood centers are down by 29% since its hell heyday. Some charts of interest…


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