Of Atheism and dumb ! dumber ! dumbest !


“The fool  has  said in his  heart … there is  no God”

… Psalm 14:1….

Sam  Harris  is referred  to  as  one  of  the  four  horsemen of  the  New Atheists  movement. He  is  held  in high esteem  by  the atheist  fad club

In the  video  below Harris  demonstrates  the  typical  incoherence of  atheism and   how  one  may  be  well  educated    –  he  has  a PHD –  and yet  be  totally  foolish  which is  the  hallmark  of  university trained  brains  (UTBs)

For  several  reasons , including that given in the other  video  in this  post  by Paul  Ross, atheism  is  totally  incoherent  and possibly  the  dumbest ideology  the  world  has  produced.

The  atheist delusion is  that atheism  is  essentially  theism minus  God.  That  is , atheists  seem  to  think  that  atheism  includes  all  the paradigms  of  theism  e.g  reason and morality  but without the  existence  of  God.  What  the  foolish atheists  fail  to  realise   is  that reason  and  morality  can only  be  real  phenomena  if  there  is a transcendent God.

In his  vitriolic  presentation Sam Harris  merely  exposes  his  ignorance, illogic, arrogance  and ability  to  speak  utter  nonsense

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