Atheists : dumb and determined with no arguments against sexual anarchy and moral nihilism.

“The  fool  has  said  in his  heart… there  is  no  God”

……Psalm 14:1…..

Atheists often claim to be rational and to base their decision making on reason however the following succinctly shows why if atheists really understood their world view they would have to regard themselves as zombies, fully determined by matter and the laws of physics. They can neither have free will nor initiate thoughts both of which are necessary if one is to claim the ability to reason
The diagram is from an article “The Lucretian swerve: The biological basis of human behavior and the criminal justice system” by Anthony R. Cashmore published by Proceedings of the National Academy of Science of the United States (PNAS) vol. 107 no. 10 4499–4504

Lucretian swerve  large

Models for the flow of information between unconscious neural activity and conscious thought. In A, the commonly accepted model is shown whereby WILL influences conscious thought and, in turn, unconscious neural activity, to direct behavior. The difficulty with this model is that there is no causal component directing WILL. In B, a causal component for WILL is introduced; however WILL now simply reflects unconscious neural activity and GES (genes, environment, and stochasticism). That is, WILL loses its “freedom.” In C, WILL is dispensed with, and conscious thought is simply a reflection of unconscious neural activity and GES. Conscious thought is now primarily a means of following—more than a means of influencing—the direction of behavior by unconscious neural activity. This subservient role of conscious thought in directing behavior in model C, is indicated by the dotted arrow 2 (contrasting with the solid line for the corresponding arrow in A and B).

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