Atheism : Of talking zombies and uncalibrated brains.

Atheism is the dregs of human philosophy/ reasoning …. more foolish than any religion. 



Science has not and cannot bury God. What science is about to do however is bury the nonsense of atheism.

Atheist philosopher Thomas Nagel may be beginning to get a clue of the absolute nonsense that atheism is.

A little  reflection will  show  why atheism is the dregs of human philosophy/ reasoning …. more foolish than any religion.

Firstly  in their  world  view  atheists  will  have  to  be  fully determined  by  the nature  of  matter  and  the  laws  of  physics  as  such they cannot  have free  will  or produce  thoughts  of  their  own volition.  They are  therefore effectively  zombies  i.e  functioning  under  another’s  control.   


The talking zombies believe that the brain, which in their world view is an accident of nature (nonsense of course) and therefore uncalibrated – for who would calibrate it – could derive truth about the universe.

How could the  brain of  talking zombies be capable of determining truth when the instrument itself is not calibrated. What Stupidity !





Professor Richard  Dawkins –  a talking  zombie


“The denier that ID [intelligent design] is science faces the following dilemma. Either he admits that the intervention of such a designer is possible, or he does not. If he does not, he must explain why that belief is more scientific than the belief that a designer is possible. If on the other hand he believes that a designer is possible, then he can argue that the evidence is overwhelmingly against the actions of such a designer, but he cannot say that someone who offers evidence on the other side is doing something of a fundamentally different kind. All he can say about that person is that he is scientifically mistaken.”

― Thomas Nagel

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