Of duncieheads, design and disease

Medicine has always been informed by the concept of design in the universe. This allows the physician to define normal and abnormal and to distinguish the one from the other. The abnormal is referred to as pathology.
Psychiatry Associations of developed countries have adopted  the LGBTTTIQist ideology  and  have rejected the  above logical approach  to normal  and  abnormal  in the instances of sexual orientation and gender identity .

These  associations  now define pathology ,in the instances of sexual orientation and gender identity , as aspects of human diversity. They fail to realise that a thorn by any another name remains a thorn…..design and its consequences are real.  

Having re-defined  pathology as an aspect  of human diversity  LGBTTTIQists have set  about creating  so-called  “human rights”  specific  to their desires.  One  such “right”  is  a “right to  buggery”.    Naturally  this so-called ” right to buggery”   is produced by  deeply flawed   thinking…….and yes, because of design.

The gut has a high content of cells of the immune system because of the large number of pathogens which pass through the bowel. This large number of cells of the immune system make the gut more prone to be infected by HIV ….. the virus targets  the  cells  of  the immune  system  and  is said to be gut tropic. 

Therefore  in addition  the increased  risk  of  traumatic  injury associated  with  anal  as  compared  to vaginal penetration  ,  the increased exposure of   the  cells  of  the immune  system  in the  rectum  increases  the  risk of contracting HIV.

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR)  wisely does not refer to any so-called right to buggery. Logically , good  preventative  medicine  should  therefore  actively  discourage  the  practise  of  anal  penetration.

HIV MSM prevalence New York


UN Pressure Mounts For Jamaica To Repeal Anti-Gay Laws, Improve LGBT Environment
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Published:Wednesday | May 13, 2015
More international pressure is being applied on Jamaica to repeal laws believed to be infringing on the human rights of vulnerable groups including gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgendered (LGBT) people.

The latest round of calls for Jamaica to act came during today’s United Nations periodic review of Jamaica’s human rights records in Switzerland.

Jamaica has been facing calls for years to repeal its more than a century-old buggery law, which makes it a criminal offence for persons to engage in anal sex.

During this morning’s review, calls came from representatives of several countries, including Canada, Sweden, and the United States for Jamaica to change its laws and address cultural issues that are out of step with global human rights provisions.

The representative from Great Britain, Matthew Buckley, took issue with the fact that changes to the Charter of Fundamental Rights and Freedoms did not protect against discrimination on grounds of sexual orientation.

In 2011, British prime minister, David Cameron, threatened to withhold aid from governments that do not reform legislation banning homosexuality.

However, Justice Minister Mark Golding had earlier told the panel that several steps have been taken to safeguard the rights of all, including implementation of a diversity policy for the police.

Lobbyists believe the removal of the buggery law will help in HIV/AIDs prevention and treatment among members of the LGBT community.

However, last year, a local poll found that 91 per cent of Jamaicans believe lawmakers should not repeal the controversial buggery law.

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