LGBTTTIQist lobby group , the United Nations, shows its hand in the secular war on children

………confusion   and  irresponsibility  at the United Nations.

If one is to follow the United Nations and its secular war on children who the adults in a child’s life love is of no importance. Two mothers , two fathers, three mothers…..etc . It’s all the same. At  42 seconds  in  its  video promoting  LGBTTTIQism the  United  Nations  shows  a lesbian couple with their children.  The United Nations is among those LGBTTTIQist lobby groups which is seeking to have states deny children their right to a mother and father in favour of the so – called “sexual rights” of adults in the morally nihilistic and sexually anarchist LGBTTTIQist ideology.

Is  the LGBTTTIQist United Nations  showing   any  concerns  for  the children’s interest?

When did  science / logic  determine says that  the mother  and  father from whom  they got  their genes  is  not  the  ideal  family to raise  children ?

Should  the   the UN be  allowed  to  be  careless  and  irresponsible  with  the  real  rights  of  children   because of   its   commitment  to  LGBTTTIQist  advocacy   for  the  so-called   “sexual  rights”  of  adults ?

Is this a case of the tail wagging the dog ?

United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki Moon is supposed to conduct his affairs on behalf of the Governments of the states which make up the United Nations but here he appears to be acting contrary to the laws of many the the states.

What should the governments of  states  which  consider  LGBTTTIQism pathology  and  not  aspects  of  human diversity  do to Mr. Ban Ki Moon ?



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