The LGBTTTIQist Gaystapo : “utterly fascist and utterly Stalinist” anti – free speech and thought policing.


 LGBTTTIQist  activists  are  committed  to  suppressing   the  free  speech  and  independent  thought  of   any  and  all  who  oppose  their  ideology of  moral  nihilism  and  sexual  anarchy in matters  of  human intimacy .

A German  fascist  is  seeking  to bring  charges  against   a  minister  of  the government  for  hate  speech  because  the minister  suggested  that   same  sex marriage  could  open  the  door  to  incest  and  marriage  between more  than two  persons.  The  minister’s  concerns   are  of  course perfectly logical .  If  design ,  complementarity   and the  fact that each child  can only  have  one genetic mother and one genetic  father are no  longer  the  necessary  basis  for  marriage  then on  what logical basis  can any “marriage”  be  denied.

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German minister who compared gay marriage to incest could be taken to court for hate

Lawyer says comments are ‘equitable with similarly inhuman statements made 1933 – 1945’



Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer during the CDU party conference in 2014
Image via wikimedia / Olaf Kosinsky

A German minister could be facing prosecution over her comments comparing gay marriage to incest and polygamy.

In an interview with German newspaper Saarbrücker Zeitung, Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer, minister president of the federal state of Saarland, said allowing same-sex couples to marry would open the door for ‘marriage between close relatives or between more than two people’.

She also opposed equal adoption rights, saying a solution to the issue couldn’t be found by considering ‘whether someone feels discriminated against or not’ but by considering child welfare.

Less than 24 hours after the interview was published, Berlin-based lawyer and member of Berlin CSD’s board Sissy Kraus announced on her Facebook page that she had filed charges against the minister.

‘At some point it’s just enough,’ Kraus, who is planning to enter a civil partnership in July, said on her posting.

The charges Kraus brought against Kramp-Karrenbauer include incitement of the masses, or hate speech, as well as libel; in the document outlining the charges, she draws a comparison between the minister’s comments and rhetoric used in the Third Reich.

‘In her publicly available comment, the minister president aligns people living in or wanting to enter a partnership and desiring equality in the form of marriage […] with incdest and polygamy,’ Kraus writes.

‘This comment is not just homophobic anymore, but inhuman, and in its content equitable with similarly inhuman statements made 1933 – 1945.’

Kraus also states Kramp-Karrenbauers statements cannot be protected under free speech.

‘The statements’ sole purpose is to express hate for this social group and the people who are part of it,’ Kraus explains.

‘Defamation is the only thing that matters to the minister.’

A spokesperson for the Berlin Prosecuting Attorney’s Office told Gay Star News they were ensuring the charges reach the correct office in the Saarland, as the charges do not fall under Berlin’s jurisdiction; due to this they were unable to give any more information on possible proceedings.

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The Obama Administration received  significant funding from LGBTTTIQist  groups  for its  election campaigns.  The  administration also  shares  the morally  nihilistic  and  sexually anarchist  world  view  of  human intimacy  LGBTTTIQist  group possess.     

At 10 seconds into  the  video   above  President Obama  speaks  of  holding up  the  “rights”  of  everyone……regardless of  who  we  love”.

This  statement together  with  the one  above  the  video  and  President Obama’s  appointment  of  Mr.  Randy  Berry  as  US  LGBT  special envoy confirms   Mr. Obama’s  morally    nihilistic  and  sexually  anarchist  approach  to human intimacy.

One  of  Mr.  Berry’s  mandates  is  to seek  to  have  countries  remove  their   sodomy laws.     This  would  make buggery, fisting, felching, farming, scat, chariot racing, jackhammering  etc legal  activity  between Men who have Sex with Men (MSM)  in Jamaica 

At  the  same  time  the  Obama  administration is  neither  doing  nor saying  anything  to assist christians who  are  being  victimised for standing  up  for their  religious  beliefs.

The  christians, who  do  not  subscribe  to Mr.  Obama’s  morally  nihilistic and  sexually anarchist LGBTTTIQist  ideology  and  whose  rights  he clearly  does  not  uphold    have  been :

– fired  (Kelvin Cochrane –  Atlanta  Fire  Chief  who  wrote  a  book criticising homosexuality),  

-fined  ( Elane Photography co-owner Elaine Huguenin  – New  Mexico  Photographers  who refused  to  film  a same – sex  wedding)   and  

– forced  to resign  (Brendan  Eich  –  who  supported  marriage  being  defined  as being  between a  man  and  a  woman in the 2008  California referendum)

The Obama  administration not only wishes  to make  moral  nihilism and  sexual  anarchy  social  norms  it also  wishes  to  call  mental  illness  an aspect  of  human diversity 

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