Don’t be fooled or lied to : there is no substantial comparison between banning interracial marriage and banning “same -sex marriage”

”  Reject  the  Obama  Administration’s  incoherent  morally nihilistic  and  sexually anarchistic  foreign policy”

In natural law  marriage is  logically between one man an one  woman for  the following  reasons  :

1. The anatomical ,  physiological  and  psychological  complementarity   of  male  and  female

2. Every child  is  the genetic product  of  a single  male  and  a single female

3.The ideal  environment for  growth and  nuture  of  each  child  is in a harmonious home  with his or  her  biological parents

Making  inter-racial  marriage illegal  was  a  human racist  imposition on   something  which is  consistent with design in the universe.  In doing  this  the state  was  wrong.

To the contrary  so called  “same  -sex  marriage”  is  the state imposing its  incoherence on design in the universe .  This  is equally  wrong. 

xxxxxx  E N D S xxxxx Loving Day: 48th anniversary of Loving v. Virginia Posted: Jun 12, 2015 2:35 PM EST Updated: Jun 12, 2015 2:35 PM EST By NBC12 NewsroomCONNECT loving June 12 marks the 48th anniversary of the landmark Supreme Court decision Loving vs. Virginia, which allowed for interracial marriage to be legalized across the country. The case centered around a central Virginia interracial couple, Richard and Mildred Loving. They were married in 1958, violating a state law that prohibited interracial marriage. They both were arrested, and their case eventually made its way to the Supreme Court. Gov. Terry McAuliffe recently announced an HBO movie is being filmed in Virginia about the lives of the Lovings. “Loving is a significant American story that should be told,” said McAuliffe. Today, many now see parallels in the fight back then for interracial marriage and the fight today for same-sex marriage. The Supreme Court will hand down its decision later this month on the legality of same-sex marriage bans. Meanwhile, June 12 is celebrated as Loving Day, with events held across the country.



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