Of POTUS,SCOTUS , the new normals and the path of the stupid.

” The fool has  said  in his  heart ….. there  is  no God”

……Psalm 14 : 1…..

University trained  brains  and  other  non-thinkers  such as  the President of  the  United  States  Barack  Obama  have  been effusive  in their  support  of   the  normality  and  courage  shown by  the  clearly   mentally  ill  Bruce – now Caitlyn –  Jenner.

Having  rejected  design in the universe  as  the basis  for  determining normal  and  abnormal incoherents  such as POTUS  and  the liberal  judges  of  SCOTUS  are taking the USA done  the path of  the  stupid.

caitlyn-jenner-reveal-main  Nonsense personified :   a man with breast and  a penis  –  the new normal

xxxx  E N D S xxxxxx


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