Sound and fury vs. real power or the empty tomb vs the pyramids and the terra cotta army


Humans have  and  will  always  be  to varying  degrees  intrigued, fascinated  by and fearful  of  death. 

The  phenomenon  of  death  raises  such profound  questions  and  is  of  such magnitude  that  a  necessary attribute  of  anyone  claiming  to  be  Gad  and  creator  must  be  that individual’s  ability  to produce  life  and  reverse  death.

The  pharaohs of  Egypt  and  ancient Chinese  emperors  made  elaborate  plans  for  their  entrance  into  the death  and  the next  world  as demonstrated  in their  huge  pyramids  and  the  terra  cotta  army.  They knew  that they had  no  control  over  death

 Jesus  Christ was  entirely  different.   He was absolutely  sure  that death  had  no  hold  on him, that he  was allowing himself  to  be  dead but only  for  a predetermined  period  of  time  and  at  the  end  of  that  time –  3 days  and  3 nights  –  he  would  be alive  again.   He  was  absolutely sure   there  was  no  force  anywhere  (natural  or  supernatural) that could  prevent him from becoming  alive  again  or changing  that  plan.

With  that confidence all  he  needed  was  a  tomb  and  witnesses  to  the  extravagant  facts  that  he  was  placed  in the  tomb  dead on a particular  day  , was  found  to  be  alive  3 days  and  3 nights after  being  placed  dead  in the  tomb  and  that the  tomb was empty …….. that’s  enough.



The  empty tomb


the terra  cotta army


the great pyramid of Giza

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