Of Lila Perry, Hillsboro High, diversity and university trained atheist clowns .

“Thinking themselves  wise  they became  fools.”

…… Saul  of Tarsus….

The leadership of Hillsboro High School equates non-heterosexual sexual orientation, gender fluidity and race failing to realise that non-heterosexual sexual orientation and gender fluidity are pathology i.e they are abnormalities that do not conform to the design in the universe. Race on the other hand conforms to design in the universe and is normal , an aspect of human  diversity.

…..  Testifyingtotruth….


Atheist / secular illogic, incoherence and plain stupidity continues to impact public policy in the USA.
Since atheists deny the existence of God for them there is no purpose or design in the universe, normal and abnormal cease to exist – every state of the universe is equally valid produced  only by the  blind  undirected  forces  of  physics.


The latest  bit of   atheist  clownishness  concerns  a  male  who goes  by the name  of   Lila  Perry.


In the foolish atheist world view  mentally ill Caitlyn Jenner is to be regarded as normal, Similarly mentally ill Lila Perry is to be regarded as completely normal ….. an aspect of diversity among humans.


Fortunately the high school  students  appear  to  have  more  sense  than the university / college  lecturer  clowns  who  are  the  prime  movers  in   the  issues  of  gender  fluidity, sexual  orientation , moral  nihilism in matters  of intimacy  and  sexual  anarchy.  


The  leadership  of  Hillsboro High School equates non-heterosexual sexual orientation, gender fluidity  and  race  failing  to realise  that  non-heterosexual sexual  orientation and  gender  fluidity  are  pathology  i.e  they  are  abnormalities  that do not conform to the design in the universe. Race  on the other  hand  conforms  to design in the universe  and   is normal  , an aspect  of  diversity. 


xxxxx  E N D S xxxx


Transgender Student_Darb-1

Lila Perry, a Hillsboro High School senior and transgender student, spoke on Monday with reporters as Blayke Childs (back) offered his opinion after a student walkout at Hillsboro High School over Perry’s request to use the girls bathrooms and locker rooms rather than a unisex faculty bathroom. Robert Cohen AP

Read more here: http://www.kansascity.com/news/state/missouri/article33388713.html#storylink=cpy

An effort by a transgender student to use the girls bathroom has split Hillsboro High School, with some of her peers walking out in protest and others holding a counter demonstration to show their support.

Lila Perry said she wants to be treated like other female students and told school administrators that she wasn’t content in continuing to use a unisex faculty bathroom this year, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported.

The 17-year-old’s decision prompted some students to leave the campus near St. Louis on Monday, following last week’s school board meeting in which parents expressed concern that Perry was receiving special rights at the expense of other students.

The school’s gay-straight alliance and other supporters held their own protest to show their support for Perry.

Skyla Thompson said Perry, whom she calls her best friend, often stays at her house overnight while Perry’s family tries to come to grips with their child identifying as transgender.

“She is such a good person. They are just judging her on the outside,” Skyla said of those who have been critical of Perry.

Superintendent Aaron D. Cornman declined to comment to the newspaper on the issue, but gave a written statement that said the district respects the rights of all students and “appreciates the fact that the students we are educating are willing to stand on their belief system and to support their cause/beliefs through their expression of free speech.”

His statement adds that the district accepts all students no matter their race, gender or sexual orientation.

“We will promote tolerance and acceptance of all students that attend our district while not tolerating bullying/harassing behaviors of any type in any form,” the statement reads.

Perry said the school administration has been supportive and made her feel welcome. She said they have allowed her to use the facilities used by girls and women.

“I wasn’t hurting anyone. I didn’t want to be in something gender-neutral,” she said, referring to the faculty bathroom. “I am a girl. I am not going to be pushed away to another bathroom.”


Read more here: http://www.kansascity.com/news/state/missouri/article33388713.html#storylink=cpy





Trans-gender confusion – “Caitlyn Jenner

The White House is illuminated in rainbow colors after today's historic Supreme Court ruling legalizing gay marriage in Washington June 26, 2015. REUTERS/Gary Cameron

The White House is illuminated in rainbow colors after today’s historic Supreme Court ruling legalizing gay marriage in Washington June 26, 2015. REUTERS/Gary Cameron

The  rainbow house  of President Obama, aka Bera King of Sodom, high priest  of  Molech  and  learned disciple  of  Josef  Mengele.  The President is  yet to condemn planned  parenthood’s  selling  of  fetal parts.  President Obama  tweeted  congrats to Caitlyn for  showing  such courage.

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