……..what the Gleaner will not publish .

The  Gleaner appears  to  be   committed  to  denying  the  free  flow  of  ideas  which  negatively  impact  the  LGBTTTIQ  agenda  and  removes  such comments without posting  them.

 Here  are  two comments in response  to  Ian Boyne’s   article Religious persecution in the US?  which  the  Gleaner did  not  publish and removed.

The first comment  was  to someone called   “now  on the outside”  and  the  other  to  Dee

Discussion on Jamaica-Gleaner 21 comments
Religious persecution in the US?

uroombolo the 8th    Dee 20 hours ago Removed

see my reply above ” to now on the outside”.
The mere fact that a law exists does not make it logical or correct. The Allied Forces tried and executed German leaders who were acting on German law because those german laws failed to meet the standard of natural law. Kim Davis is correctly challenging the so – called “same sex marriage ” law because it to fails to meet the standard of logic required in natural law.


uroombolo the 8th    NowOnTheOutside 20 hours ago
“Nothing would get done because everybody’s standards are different
That is why in a plural democracy laws cannot be arbitrary but consistent with design in the universe. A state cannot make illogical laws inconsistent with design in the universe and expect citizens to comply. There are such things as bad law.



See  item  here  : http://jamaica-gleaner.com/article/focus/20150906/ian-boyne-religious-persecution-us




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