The Gleaner : Online comments the Gleaner will not publish.


Testifyingtotruth has knowledge that the Gleaner, which has  supported  same  sex marriage in its  editorial, removed and did not publish the following online comment to Dr. Michael Abrahams’ article :

Misplaced Priorities And The Anti-Gay Agenda
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Published:Monday | October 5, 2015Michael Abrahams

See :

uroombolo the 8th 12 hours ago Removed
Not surprisingly this is the Gleaner’s first article about the Jamaica CAUSE rally since it occurred more than a week ago.
For the record Jamaica’s shortcomings with respect to family life and children were addressed at the rally. Also for the record the LGBTTTIQist political ideology of sexual nihilism and anarchy is international, spearheaded by the US, UK, EU and UN. US LGBTTTIQ groups like Human Rights Campaign and Human Rights First have significant influence on the conduct of the Obama US administration. The LGBTTTIQist political agenda has already resulted in persons who dissent sexual nihilism and anarchy losing their jobs and businesses and Kim Davis being imprisoned. Further, parents in Canada are presently boycotting schools because of the introduction of sexually nihilistic and anarchist material into the school curriculum. Dr. Abrahams has it wrong on scripture. The scriptures no where commands us to love the wrong our neighbours do and instructs that we “test the spirits and make righteous judgments”

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