Why atheism and evolution ? They provide a philosophical framework for the sexual nihilism and anarchy of LGBTTTIQism.


Any considered  review  of  atheism  – absence  of  believe in any gods –  and  evolution, defined as  a process  by  which all  living  organisms arose  from a  single  common  ancestor  by chance  alteration  in genes  and  natural  selection  will  show  that  the  former  is a thoroughly  illogical  philosophical  position  and  the  latter  an  unwarranted  extrapolation on  the  scientific  data.  

If  atheism  were  true  it  would  imply  of  necessity that  humans  would  be  fully  determined, lacking free  will, lacking  volition of  thought, unable  to reason, unable  to  know  truth and  unable  to  do  science .

Evolution ( which  should  actually  be  called  programmed modifiable  information -based  adaptive  response as has been demonstrated  by  the  role  of  Bmp4 in the finches  beaks.   see: http://www.hras.org/sw/sw11-04.html) is  the  extra-polation  of  this  programmed  adaptive  response to  claim  that  all  living  organisms  arose  from  a  single cell  common ancestor.

Evolution  does  not  address  the  origin of life  (abiogenesis)  but   it  has  been  determined  that  the  mathematical  probability   of  life  arising   by  a  naturalistic  unintelligent cause  is  so small  that  it  is  essentially  impossible.  Further , mathematician  John Von Neumann  has  demonstrated  that  an essential  requirement   for   evolution  as  “descent  with  modification”    is  a   universal  constructor  –  an infrastructure  which  is  essentially  a  naturally  occurring  information  processing computer.   https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Von_Neumann_universal_constructor  

So why do the academy ( universities  and  colleges)  and  media  present  atheism  and  evolution as logical  positions  demanded  by  science  and  to  be held  as  truth  if  one  is   rational and  intelligent  when  an  appeal  to  an   intelligent  designer  is  more  logical ?

Simple  …..  for  truthophobes  claiming  to be  atheist  and  believing  in evolution is  a  preferred  peer  pressure  social  position much  like  that of  the  elite  in the  story of  the  emperor’s  new  clothes.  

Also  if  there  is  no God  to  be accountable to  one  can be  sexually  nihilistic  and  anarchist  without trauma  to  one’s  conscience.


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