The Secular War on children : Forced sex on children by parent category


Typically lacking in objective  truth LGBTTTIQist activists resort to  ad hominem fallacy  and name calling  as  standard strategy.

The author  of  the  Gleaner article below uses  this  standard technique  to  criticise Esther Tyson‘s  article  in last  Sunday’s  Gleaner. A Commentator , Uroombolo the 8th, responds  to  the  LGBTTTIQist strategy


uroombolo the 8th

A lot of name calling. No evidence provided.

It is established fact that the best environment within which to nurture children is within the healthy monogamous binary heterosexual marriage of their biological parents. This is the ideal which the state should articulate clearly and encourage as a primary objective for social and economic development. This arrangement is God’s design.

In fact re-analysis of Wainwright study data show that adolescents of same sex married couples do even worse that those of unmarried same sex couples e.g over twice as many adolescents with same-sex parents reported being forced to have sexual intercourse, and the proportion with married same-sex parents who reported forced sex (70.5%), was dramatically higher than the proportion doing so with unmarried same-sex parents (23.5%). The comparable figures for heterosexuals were 10.0% (married) and 12.2% (unmarried)


Children - forced sex


Appalled By Shallow Anti-Gay Bigotry
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Published:Tuesday | October 13, 2015

When people who should know better decide to fly in the face of empirical evidence and sound reasoning to talk about God’s design, it is time for rational persons to sit up and take notice.

It was the same sort of bigoted religious assertion that provided justification for the Christian Church in sentencing Galileo to lifetime house imprisonment until his death. And what was Galileo’s crime? His temerity in publishing his findings confirming the theory of Copernicus that the Earth and other planets revolve around the Sun.

That, of course, was heresy of no mean order in his time. Today, of course, everybody knows that church dogma is as far from the truth as the east is from the west.

If same-sex marriage was just about genitalia and procreation, perhaps Esther Tyson might have a point, although heterosexual unions offer no guarantees. But the phenomenon of same-sex attraction, for which marriage provides only legal underpinnings, is far more complex a matter than to be reduced to these biological options.

Where is the evidence that children brought up by same-sex couples are at a disadvantage by virtue of the fact that those providing them with love and care are of the same sex?

I believe it is fair to expect of one whose vocation it has been to train young minds to be informed and more capable of critical thinking than was exhibited in her piece (‘God’s design for sexual union’) published in The Sunday Gleaner of October 11, 2015.

And as an aside, when is CAUSE going to convene a mass rally to call down fire and brimstone on heterosexuals who are procreating outside of God’s design of one man bonded together with one woman in holy matrimony?


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