Why atheism and evolution are absolutely essential to sexually nihilistic and anarchist LGBTTTIQists and their supporters in the straight community

Atheism is  nonsensical  because it implies  that human beings are  formed wholly  from matter  by the laws  of  physics.  If this  is  true  it is  impossible  for  human beings  to do or  think anything  other  than that  which is  determined  by the  laws  of physics.  In this  paradigm we  humans  are  fully  determined and  no  more clever  than  the moon which is  also fully  determined. We would  be  unable  to reason, do science  or  invent. The  evidence  is  however  to  the  contrary.  We reason, do science , discover  truth in the  universe  and  invent new  things.

Darwin was  a brilliant  scientist  who  if  he  lived  today  would  have  most likely easily grasped  the  fact  that life  is  information technology  and this  information infrastructure  is what allowed the  adaptive  modifications  he saw.  

The information infrastructure – called  a  universal constructor  by mathematician John von Neumann –  must  be present  before  Darwinian evolution becomes possible.  The Universal Constructor  is basically  a  CPU  which  reads  a  code. Evolution would  then be  the  reult  of  changes in the  code.  John von Neumann came  to  this  conclusion before  DNA  was  discovered. 

John von Neuman’s  insight  and  the  subsequent  confirmation of  his  ideas  means  that  the  fundamental  question to  be  answered  about  life , its  origins  and  variety  is  :  Where  did  the  information  and  the  universal constructor  come  from ? …….. this  is  a  no brainer for  all  except  the  wilfully  blind and  who choose  to  live  in delusion in wonderland.  The  answer  a  super intellect

So  why  are  modern  university trained  brains  (UTBs) determined  to believe  the  nonsense of atheism and  the  unproven  and  statistically  impossibility of evolution?…..simply  so  that  Men who have  Sex  with Men (MSM)  and  other  sexual  nihilists  and  anarchists  can fist, felch, farm , scat  and  bugger  each  other  feeling  protected by a  world view  with which they delude themselves  about their intellectual  superiority.

Fortunately  with more information like  that in the video below  becoming  available  to  the  public the  evolution delusion will inevitably disappear.

”  Thinking  themselves wise  they became  fools”

…. Saul of  Tarsus…..

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