DANGER ?! DANGER ?! DANGER ?! Of the Public Defender, Human rights and an intrusive state


Why was the public defender brought into this matter i,e is this an instance of the intrusive overreaching of the state.
On principle it is wise to restrict the power of the state as far as possible.
This will allow individuals and institutions to live out their world views with minimal state intervention.
The intervention of the state is justified if and only if it can be demonstrated that the conduct of a group poses a substantial threat to the common good. I do not think that this case meets that condition and that we are to be wary of the overreach of an intrusive state.

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The Office of the Public Defender has recommended that the St Hilda’s Diocesan High School reinstate student, Jade Bascoe, as head girl after finding that she was discriminated against when she was stripped of the post last month.

Bascoe was stripped because of what the school said were potential conflicts with her denomination as a Jehovah’s Witness.

In a report following its investigation, the Office of the Public Defender also recommended that the reinstatement be done by the school’s board of directors when it meets this Thursday.

The Public Defender has submitted the report to the Parliament.

Bascoe was stripped of the head girl post one day after it was first announced.

READ: St Hilda’s defends stripping head girl of post

In its 18-point findings, the Office of the Public Defender said as a matter of fact and law Bascoe “was treated in a discriminatory manner by virtue of her religious denomination and association with Kingdom Hall [of Jehovah’s Witness].”

The Arlene Harrison Henry-led Office found that the school board took no part in the decision to strip the teen of the head girl position and said it found “as a fact that neither the school nor the church has any policy of discrimination whatsoever.”

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