Of “Caitlyn” Jenner , Glamour Magazine’s “woman” of the year , and University Trained Brains (UTBs)


Any educated person would  be astonished  and  perplexed  as to why President  Obama  would  tweet commendations  to  Bruce aka “Caitlyn” Jenner  on his transition from man (normal)  to transgender female ( a mentally ill man who wishes  to live  in the body of  a  female).  

Similar  feelings may result  from Glamour magazine naming Bruce – now Caitlyn – who has never been a  woman a single day  of  his  sixty six  years, “woman of  the year”.

This curious  fact  is  likely  to  be  due  to  the  atheist /  secular  world view  of  the individuals  concerned  who  reject the transcendent and see themselves  as  the intelligences  with  the  capacity and  right  to  determine   right  and  wrong  or  normal  and  abnormal. 

The big  danger  for  the  US  and  apparently  other  societies  is  that, if  author  David  Horowitz  is to believed,   professors  in  universities  and  colleges   are  not  educating  their  students  but  rather   are  indoctrinating  them  with  atheist / secular  liberal  ideology.   Among  these  views  is  a  radical  feminism  which supports  the  LGBTTTIQist  political  ideology.



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