The pseudoscience and outright lies of President Obama’s revolution of sexual nihilism, sexual anarchy and gender confusion.


“A closer look at Kinsey’s research reveals many problems with his findings. The most glaring problem with his data is the source of his sample. While the sample for Sexual Behavior in the Human Male numbered over 5,000, a disproportionate number came from prison inmates, many of whom were sex offenders.[11] The Kinsey team interviewed some African Americans, but their data was not included in the tabulations. Furthermore, Kinsey over-sampled people recruited via homosexual-friendly organizations or magazines.”

…..Alan  Branch ….


The   secular  /  atheist LGBTTTIQist  sexual  revolution of sexual  nihilism ( all  relationships  are  valid)  ,  sexual  anarchy (  all  intimate behaviours including fisting, felching, farming, scat, chariot racing  etc  are ” normal  and  positive”  and  gender  confusion has  advanced  on  lies  and  pseudo-sceince.

 The  social  and political  gains  were  possible  because  media ,  academia  and  liberal  politicians  have  been  willing  to   accept  as  real  science  the    pseudoscience  of  Alfred  Kinsey  and  Evelyn  Hooker  and  the  outright lie  of  the  “gay gene”.

Alfred  Kinsey  was  a  bisexual pervert  whose   flawed  “research”  was  used  by media,  politicians  like  President  Obama  and  the   intellectual  ghettoes  (Departments  with ideological commitment to liberal  views) in the  universities  and  colleges   to  make  sexual  nihilism  and  sexual  anarchy  social norms.  

Having  made  perversion and  illogic  social  norms  in western  democracies the atheist  /  secular LGBTTTIQist  alliance  of media, politicians  and  academia have  their  eyes  set  on taking  the  revolution of  sexual  nihilism , sexual anarchy and  gender  confusion world wide.  

  The atheist / secular LGBTTTIQist alliance of media, politicians and academia are using a  two  prong  strategy to  spread  their  revolution of  sexual  nihilism, sexual  anarchy  and  gender  confusion world  wide .  Firstly  claiming  that  “sexual  rights”  exist  in international  law  when in fact  they  do  not  exist  in international  law  and  secondly  putting  judges  in place  who  will  place  “sexual  rights”   above  religious  freedom, which is recognised  in international  law,  when making rulings.




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Alfred Kinsey: A Brief Summary and Critique

Alfred Kinsey: A Brief Summary and Critique
by Alan Branch
May 21, 2014

During the Twentieth Century, no one individual did more to bring homosexuality into the public forum than Alfred Charles Kinsey (1894 – 1956). A professor at Indiana University, Kinsey was a zoologist by training and spent the early years of his career studying gall wasps, collecting thousands of specimens of the insects. Kinsey then transferred his obsessive and taxonomic approach of research to the study of human sexuality. Much like the gall wasps he collected, Kinsey and his colleagues gathered thousands of “interviews” in which he or his researchers asked detailed questions about the sexual backgrounds of research participants. Kinsey compiled the findings from these interviews into two books that were the opening salvos of the sexual revolution that soon swept the United States: Sexual Behavior in the Human Male (1948) and Sexual Behavior in the Human Female (1953). Both works contain many sweeping assertions and often move quickly from tables full of data to moral speculation about the repressed sexual ethics of America.

Kinsey officially began sexual research in 1941 with the help of funds from the Rockefeller Foundation and the assistance of the National Research Council. In 1947 Kinsey founded the Institute for Sex Research at Indiana University, now simply known as The Kinsey Institute. What has become clearer in the years since the publication of the Kinsey reports is that Kinsey was not merely gathering information about other people’s sexual experiences, but he was also engaging in assorted sexual practices with various members of the research team. Instead of the staid atmosphere most people associate with academia, the Institute for Sex Research became a kind of sexual utopia for the gratification of the appetites of Kinsey and his team. According to one biographer, “Kinsey decreed that within the inner circle men could have sex with each other; wives would be swapped freely, and wives too, would be free to embrace whichever sexual partners they liked.”[1] Kinsey himself engaged in various forms of heterosexual and homosexual intercourse with members of the institute staff, including filming various sexual acts in the attic of his home. My purpose here is not to engage in ad hominem attacks on Kinsey, but to emphasize that Kinsey was not a dispassionate scientist seeking truth; he was an agenda-driven reformer bent on changing the sexual ethics of a nation.

As Kinsey and his colleagues tabulated the data, they used a novel approach to defining human sexuality and employed a graded scale to define a person’s sexuality. Prior to Kinsey, people were generally considered to be either heterosexual or homosexual. Instead of this binary approach, Kinsey saw sexual behavior on a continuum which rarely described individuals as either strictly homosexual or heterosexual. The Kinsey Scale is as follows:

0- Exclusively heterosexual with no homosexual

1- Predominantly heterosexual, only incidentally homosexual

2- Predominantly heterosexual, but more than incidentally homosexual

3- Equally heterosexual and homosexual

4- Predominantly homosexual, but more than incidentally heterosexual

5- Predominantly homosexual, but incidentally heterosexual

6- Exclusively homosexual[2]

On the Kinsey scale, six out of the possible seven scores could be interpreted as indicating some level of homosexual attraction. In this way, the Kinsey scale normalizes homosexuality and helped contribute to inflated percentages in some findings. The Kinsey scale has since been widely used in numerous research projects related to sexuality.

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