Anti – Kim Davis video shows a shocking but to be expected display of Ignorance.



The  above  is supposed to be a slam dunk on demonstrating that christians cherry-pick the bible.
What it does demonstrate is that the producers do not have a clue about  biblical hermeneutics or as St Paul told Timothy “Do your best to present yourself to God as one approved, a worker who does not need to be ashamed and who correctly handles the word of truth”. 2 Timothy 2 : 15.
The authors clearly do not understand the difference between the theocracy of Israel and the concept of a democratic society the laws of which are informed by the christian world view.
The theocracy of Israel was a nation governed by priests on behalf of God which was to conduct itself in food and dress etc in a manner which clearly distinguished its citizens from those of other nations.
Christianity does not form theocracies, Christ kingdom is not of this world.
Christian citizens of democratic countries are not seeking to re-create the theocracy of Israel nor are we trying to bring God’s kingdom on earth. The responsibility of christians is to encourage etc the formation of laws within the biblical world view which is the most logical world view and is infinitely more logical than atheism / secularism.
For example in the atheist / secular world view humans and all other animals arose and evolved without purpose by the laws of physics.This is like claiming that the laws of physics (mechanisms) , upon which a cell phone operates, made the cell phone (i.e is the agency). For atheist / secularists such a phone although looking designed is a purposeless product of chance with no moral reference. For atheist / secularists brushing one’s teeth with the iPhone would be as valid a use of the phone as making a call. Similarly two persons of the same sex marrying would be as valid as a man and a woman marrying.
For Christian theists i.e christians, God (the agency) used the laws of physics and matter (the mechanisms) to form the universe, humans etc. This is like saying the engineers at the Apple Co. used the laws of physics and matter to form the iPhone. For christians such a phone is designed for its particular functions so to use it to brush one’s teeth would be ridiculous and contrary to the design of its creator.
The Judeo-christian world view and atheism / secularism are fundamentally different ways of looking at the world and produce radically different laws and public policies.
The USA , UK etc once formed their laws within the judeo-christian world view but they no longer do so they are now atheist / secular , within this world view one has the autonomy and “right” to brush one’s teeth with an iPhone….if it feels good to you…. or marry any number, gender and soon specie one wishes.

Stupidity comes in surprising packages.

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