Of evolution , Universal constructors, dumb atheists and depraved public policy.



” he who  knows  not  and  knows  not  that  he  knows not  is  a fool shun him”

Atheists  are  just plain dumb  i.e  fools   and  a well educated fool  who  is  able  to influence  public  policy is  probably  the  ultimate  nightmare.

These dumb atheists claim that evolution  produced  all life  on earth.  Evolution here  means  a process of descent with modification in the body of an organism devoid of intellectual input and produced solely by the effects of the laws of physics on matte

Naturally like  all  atheistic conclusions  it  is  straight up  dumb  and  the  reason is  straight forward.  atheist secularists  hold  on to  these foolish conclusions  in order  to  say that  there is  no  God  and  thus pursue  all  manner  of  depravity.

One  of  the  20th century’s  most brilliant mathematician John von Neumann  was  able  to  appreciate that in order  for evolution to  occur  it  was  necessary to have what  he  called  a  universal  constructor.

At  the  core  of  Von Neumann’s  universal  constructor  was  an information processing  component  which  read  the  code  to  build  the  body  of  the  organism.  

In short, John von Neumann’s  insight  into  the  requirements  for evolution – here meaning a process of descent with modification  in the  body  of  an organism devoid of intellectual input and produced solely by the effects of the laws of physics on matter – was  that a  computer-like component   which  read  the  instructions  for  buliding  the body of  the  organism was  necessary.

Von Neumann recognised  that in the  formation of  living organisms  that  the  processes  which    involve information processing  (computing)  must  be  present  before  evolution   can occur and he  discovered  this  before  DNA  was  discovered.

 It should  be  noted  that  in  human   experience  the  only  entity able  to produce information processing  is  a mind .



Von Neumann universal constructor
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

John von Neumann’s Universal Constructor is a self-replicating machine in a cellular automata (CA) environment. It was designed in the 1940s, without the use of a computer. The fundamental details of the machine were published in von Neumann’s book Theory of Self-Reproducing Automata, completed in 1966 by Arthur W. Burks after von Neumann’s death.[2]

Von Neumann’s specification defined the machine as using 29 states, these states constituting means of signal carriage and logical operation, and acting upon signals represented as bit streams. A ‘tape’ of cells encodes the sequence of actions to be performed by the machine. Using a writing head (termed a construction arm) the machine can print out (construct) a new pattern of cells, allowing it to make a complete copy of itself, and the tape.

Von Neumann’s design has traditionally been understood to be a demonstration of the logical requirements for machine self-replication.[3] However it is clear that far simpler machines can achieve self-replication. Examples include trivial crystal-like growth, template replication and Langton’s loops. But von Neumann was interested in something more profound: construction universality and evolution.[4]

This universal constructor can be seen as an abstract simulation of a physical universal assembler.

Note that the simpler self-replicating CA structures (especially, Byl’s loop and the Chou-Reggia loop) cannot exist in a wide variety of forms and thus have very limited evolvability. Other CA structures such as the Evoloop are somewhat evolvable but still don’t support open-ended evolution. Commonly, simple replicators do not fully contain the machinery of construction, there being a degree to which the replicator is information copied by its surrounding environment. Although the Von Neumann design is a logical construction, it is in principle a design that could be instantiated as a physical machine. The issue of the environmental contribution to replication is somewhat open, since there are different conceptions of raw material and its availability.

The concept of a universal constructor is non-trivial because of the existence of garden of eden patterns. But a simple definition is that a universal constructor is able to construct any finite pattern of non-excited (quiescent) cells.

Von Neumann’s crucial insight is that part of the replicator has a double use; being both an active component of the construction mechanism, and being the target of a passive copying process. This part is played by the tape of instructions in Von Neumann’s combination of universal constructor plus instruction tape.

The combination of a universal constructor and a tape of instructions would i) allow self-replication, and also ii) guarantee that the open-ended complexity growth observed in biological organisms was possible.[3] The image below illustrates this possibility.

This insight is all the more remarkable because it preceded the discovery of the structure of the DNA molecule by Watson and Crick, though it followed the Avery-MacLeod-McCarty experiment which identified DNA as the molecular carrier of genetic information in living organisms.[5] The DNA molecule is processed by separate mechanisms that carry out its instructions and copy the DNA for insertion for the newly constructed cell. The ability to achieve open-ended evolution lies in the fact that, just as in nature, errors (mutations) in the copying of the genetic tape can lead to viable variants of the automaton, which can then evolve via natural selection

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3 Responses to Of evolution , Universal constructors, dumb atheists and depraved public policy.

  1. Wow, no need to beat around the bush I suppose!

    For the sake of argument, sure let’s toss out evolution. Regardless of what you’re questioning, whether it’s “where did the universe come from” or “how did the first life originate” all we can say for sure at this time is that we don’t know. The fact that we don’t know doesn’t prove or even point towards a god.

    • I presume that you are atheist and would therefore agree that both “you” and your
      comment are a fully determined effects produced by the laws of physics acting on matter.
      Also that “you” do not think but rather “you” are an effect produced by your thoughts which
      are in turn the product of the laws of physics acting on matter.

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