Delusion is now the official thought of the US elite


”  Thinking themselves  wise they became  fools”

….Saul of Tarsus….

Atheist  secularists  are just dunce, dunce , dunce  and , being  university trained brains , they are dunce beyond measure  and  also  depraved.

Civilisation  has passed through many different styles e.g modernism and  postmodernism however  the style of  the present day duncie-headed university trained brain is delusion.

Only duncie-headed university trained brains  could  not  appreciate  that  Bruce  Jenner  –  an 66year-old man with a penis  who dresses  as  a woman and calls himself “Caitlyn”  – is  a mentally ill man.

So why  are these university trained duncie-headed brains  unable  to determine that Bruce aka “Caitlyn” Jenner is  mentally ill…..simple they wish to pursue  and support promiscuity and depravity like fisting, felching, anal rimming, farming, scat, chariot racing , buggery  etc.  

In order  to  do  these  things  with “good conscience”  they have  rejected  God so God has  given them over  to  their foolishness.

Only dunce,  depraved, determined  and  deluded university  trained  brains will claim that human beings – not dung beetles – have  “rights” to scat  and farming  and  for men to “pee” in girls bathrooms.



Blue Man Group Cancels Charlotte Shows ‘In Protest of North Carolina’s HB2 Law’

Entertainment Company Latest on Growing List of Artists Boycotting the Tar Heel State
Change the conversation, change the world
Blue Man Group has just announced they are canceling their Charlotte, North Carolina shows to protest HB2, Gov. Pat McCrory’s anti-LGBT law.

“At the heart of every Blue Man Group performance is a joyful celebration of all human kind including our commonalities and our differences,” the group said in a statement on Facebook. The New York City-based entertainment group has been performing for 25 years, and has shows in five American cities, Berlin, and tours internationally.

“We value every individual’s right to live a dignified, vibrant life in full color. As such, we are joining the growing list of entertainment professionals in protest of North Carolina’s HB2 law by canceling our upcoming tour performances in Charlotte.”

Earlier today President Barack Obama at a London press conference was forced to defend North Carolina and Mississippi after the British government issued a travel restriction citing anti-LGBT laws in those two states. The president said he thinks the laws should be overturned.

Blue Man Group joins Pearl Jam, Boston, Ringo Starr, Cirque du Soleil, and Bruce Springsteen, among other artists, who are boycotting the state. Many top multi-national and locally-based companies have also announced a freeze on expansions, cancelation of plans to move into the state, or even plans to move out of state over HB2.



The intellectual  competence  of  university trained  brains  is  prominently  displayed  in  the  consideration that  Scat   is   regarded  as  “normal and positive”  by  the American Psychiatry Association (APA), the  World  Health Organisation (WHO), the World  Psychiatry Association  and  other prominent medical associations


Scat / Things to know about scat

Also known in personal ads and internet profiles as:

dirty (as in ‘into dirty’)
Hanky code

Brown worn:

on the left (wants to dump on you)
on the right (wants to be dumped on).
What is scat?

Scat involves playing with shit, smearing it on your or his body, and sometimes eating it. It can also mean just getting off on seeing another guy dump his load.

Farming’ is taking shit from public toilets to play with.

What’s the attraction?

Taboos around cleanliness couldn’t be more powerfully broken by shit play: it’s everything we’ve been told not to do since childhood.

Men can be drawn to scat precisely because it provokes such a strong negative reaction in others. Lovers of scat might get a kick from stepping over what for most people is the line between what’s OK and what’s too extreme. Scat is perhaps the ultimate in sex without limits or inhibitions.

Privately we’re often fascinated by our own bowel movements and excrement. Scat lets men explore and share this interest and enjoy a special bond with other lovers of shit.

For scat fans shit can excite all the senses with its warmth, texture, smell, colour and possibly taste. Just like contact with the intimate body fluids of cum, spit or piss, sex involving shit can be a sign of intense closeness as someone is offering something that’s come from deep inside them. And in an intense power play scene, nothing is more symbolic of degradation, humiliation and control than exposure to faeces.

Last review: 25/09/2014
Next review: 31/09/2017

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