Of Brain training and “university stupid”


The fool has said in his  heart : ” there  is  no  God”

……Psalm 14 :1……

Orthodoxy  in modern liberal  thought is  delusion.

This  nonsense is the  fare offered by most humanities departments  of  universities  and  colleges  and  is  the way of  thinking  endorsed  by  peer-pressure  and  the  culture  of  most  academic  institutions.

The effect of  training  brains  to embrace delusion as  orthodoxy  is  well  demonstrated  below  where students  have  come  to accept  that  reality is  what anyone –  even the mentally  ill – believes.



April 18, 2016 (LifeSiteNews) – A new video from the Family Policy Institute of Washington shows just how disconnected from reality many college students are.

The video would be funny if it wasn’t so sad. Family Policy Institute of Washington Director Joseph Backholm asked University of Washington students a series of questions about gender, race, age, and height identity. The students’ consensus was largely if Backholm, who is quite obviously a white man, self-identifies as a Chinese woman, then he is a Chinese woman.

Similarly, the students agreed that if Backholm self-identifies as a seven-year-old, although it would be hard to believe at first, they would accept it.

“If you feel seven at heart, then so be it, yeah, good for you,” one student laughed. “If that’s where you feel mentally you should be, then I feel like there are communities that would accept you,” for wanting to enroll in a first grade class.

According to the students Backholm interviewed, gender identity, race identity, and even age identity are determined by feelings rather than physical reality. The only idea the students had much difficulty accepting was the suggestion that Backholm, who is 5’9, is 6’5.


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