Transgenderism and the apocalypse of President Barak Obama aka Bera, King of Sodom , Emperor Nero and El Loco.


The  USA  is  in a lot  of  trouble.

It  is  being  led  by  a  president  and  team  who  are  arrogant,  illogical  and  delusional.

This  is  demonstrated  to good  effect  by  the  statement  of  the illogical and deluded attorney general Loretta Lynch  who believes that  transgenderism , a mental illness,  provides  the same legal  status  as race.
The arrogance, ignorance and illogic of liberals is  truly amazing.
In 1973, in order to  integrate  homosexuality  into society ,  liberals  forced the American Psychiatry Association (APA) to call homosexuality normal using aggressive protests at APA meetings and help from sympathetic psychiatrists within the ranks of the APA  who  used  a  flawed  study  by  Evelyn Hooker.  Mrs.  Hooker  was  a friend  of  the homosexual  community  in California  and  she  wanted  to show  that  homosexuals  were  as normal  as  heterosexuals.  Her  methodology was  flawed  and  most importantly  she  did  not investigate  the substantial  area in which heterosexuals  and  homosexuals  differ  –  their  intimate  behaviours.
Today  liberals are not even paying attention to the fact that the  APA considers transgenderism to be a mental illness and  as  all illnesses  requires  reseach for  cure  and  sympathetic  treatment .

The liberals  will  have  none  of  that.  They  are  now  the new  gods  with  the power  to  determine  the  normal  and  abnormal as well as  purpose  of  the  universe  and  its  contents so   the arrogant , ignorant and illogical liberals have declared that  transgenderism  must be protected by rights in the public sphere with threat of loss of funding by the federal government.

The USA  is  seeing  the  apocalypse (unveiling)  of  a mad  Emperor ……President  Barak Obama aka Bera, King  of Sodom and  El Loco.



In her first trip to North Carolina after suing the state over discriminatory legislation, the attorney general addressed how African-American pastors felt “offended” by comparing transgender and civil rights.

WED, 2016-05-25 11:11
Attorney General Loretta Lynch believes that transgender rights are part of the legacy of civil rights—despite protests from African-American pastors that comparing the two is offensive.

Lynch spoke in Fayetteville, North Carolina, this week on new policing policies in the city. During her speech—her first visit back to her home state since her department sued North Carolina over HB2—she fielded several questions regarding her comparison of transgender rights to the civil rights movement in the 1960s.

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