Good that President Obama will not be at Ali’s funeral…he’ll spoil it.


Testifyingtotruth understands  that  President Obama  will  not  be  attending  Muhammed  Ali’s  funeral  as  his  daughter  will  be  graduating  on the  same  day.

This  Blog  wishes  to  extend  congratulations  to  Malia  and  the  Obamas  on Malia’s  graduation but  is delighted  that  the  president  will  not  be  at  the  funeral.

President Obama  is  a disaster whose  significant commitment  and  achievement is the spread  of buggery  around  the world.    The  President  is  also  an  uncle  tom negro and  puppet  for  his white  liberal  masters  and  funders  at  Human Rights  Campaign (HRC).  His  presence  would  distract from Ali’s  significant contribution.


President  Obama’s  uncle  tom negro  status is   to  be  contrasted  with  that of the true  black champion Muhammed  Ali  who  was  not  only  a  marvellous  athlete but also  defied the  white  establishment and paid  the price  for  principle.



xxxxxxxxx  E N D S   xxxxxxxxx
Press Association
8 JUNE 2016 • 5:15AM
US president Barack Obama will not attend Muhammad Ali’s funeral, the White House has confirmed.

Mr Obama and his wife Michelle will be in Washington for their daughter Malia’s high school graduation ceremony, a spokeswoman for the president said.

Ali’s widow Lonnie spoke to Mr Obama over the phone and appreciated his “kind words and condolences,” family spokesman Bob Gunnell said.

The Obamas are sending a letter to be read at Friday’s service in Louisville, Kentucky, where White House senior adviser Valerie Jarrett – who knew Ali personally – will represent the president.


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