Over zealous LGBTTTIQQAB+ activist Public Defender ruled out of buggery case.



” The  higher monkey climb  the  more he’s  exposed”

……Ole people saying…..

Jamaica’s  public  defender Mrs. Arlene  Harrison –  Henry  is  a zealous  and  ambitious  LGBTTTIQQAB+  activist.  This  makes  her  automatically  hostile  to  religious  freedoms, freedom of  conscience, freedom of  speech, parental  rights  and  the rights of  children to  be reared  by  their  biological  mother  and father.

Public Defender 4

Public  Defender 5

The  role  of  the public  defender  is  to  investigate  abuse of  rights  which actually  exist  however  in her  zeal  the  public  defender  is  seeking  to  assist  claimant  Maurice  Tomlinson  in creating  a  right  to  buggery  where  none  exists in international  law.   She  has  applied  to  join Tomlinson’s  case  against  the Government of Jamaica.

The  office  of  the Attorney  General  opposed  the  Public  Defender’s  application to  participate on the basis that  it  was  not  consistent  with  the   job description  of  the Office  of  the Public  Defender.  The presiding  judge, Justice  Laing  agreed  with  the  office  of  the Attorney General and added  that the  Public  Defender’s  participation on any side  of  this  debate  will damage  the  reputation of  the office  of  Public  Defender.  Justice  Laing also  stated  that  his  decision would  not be  changed  on appeal .  This  has  not  stopped  the  very  zealous  Public  Defender  from indicating  that  she will  be  appealing  the decision  directly to  the  Court  of  Appeal.


Public  Defender Arlene Harrison-Henry with “out of many , one people ” sign at  LGBT event.

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