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Beware the Tyranny of Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity (SOGI) Legislation.

  Sexual  Orientation  and  Gender  Identity  (SOGI)  are  undefined concepts  which do not have universal support  among members states  at  the United Nations they are   however  being  aggressively advanced  by  western democracies  like  the USA, Canada and  the UK … Continue reading

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Thought and speech control by your friendly neighbourhood Gaystapo

      Thought and speech control are now the reality in the USA , UK , Canada etc because : The Gaystapo are here ! Your friendly neighbourhood fascists !   xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Illinois Man Willing To Be Fired for … Continue reading

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JUTC ad seeks to softens public to same sex relationships

    An ad  like  the  following  but  with females was  seen on a  JUTC  bus. The  ad  is  clearly   seeking  to soften the public  on  same  sex  relationships. The  public  must , however ,  not  allow  itself  to … Continue reading

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The oxymoron of ” human rights in a secular society”

….as the world turns. The oxymoron of ” human rights in a secular society” if there is no God. The Bible does not attempt to prove the existence of God its editor, God Himself, knows that this is not necessary … Continue reading

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On Facebook.

  For  those  who  were wondering  Testifyingtotruth  is  still  here  just  distracted  by facebook  but  will soon  resume more  informative blogging .

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