New York’s 31 genders or “When lunatics run the asylum”



This  bit  of  nonsense  is  self explanatory  but  it  has  its roots  in atheism.

Atheist  hold  that  there is no  evidence  for God .  

They deny  design  and  purpose  in the universe  and seek  to impose  their  desires  on reality .  Within  this  paradigm New  York  city considers  that 31 genders  is  not an  exhaustive list  of  normal genders.



Here Are the 31 Gender Identities New York City Recognizes

Here Are the 31 Gender Identities New York City Recognizes
By Nahema Marchal | 4:40 pm, May 25, 2016

The City of New York is deeply committed to protecting the rights of LGBTQ+ folks. So much so that Big apple residents can choose from a flurry of sobriquets — 31 in total, many of which fall along the male/female/trans continuum— to describe their identity, without ever having to show “proof” of gender.

Gender identities

Gender identities list

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Here’s the complete list:

Drag King
Drag Queen
Femme Queen
Gender Bender
Trans Person
Third Sex
Gender Fluid
Non-Binary Transgender
Gender Gifted
Gender Blender
Person of Transgender Experience
My personal favorite is two-spirit. Wait… is that cultural appropriation?

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It’s also worth noting that these are just the genders New York City can name. A spokesman for the New York City Commission on Human Rights confirmed to The Daily Caller that the list is “not exhaustive.” Which implies that the list of genders the city recognizes may, in fact, be infinite.

Failure to comply with the NYCCHR’s views on gender identity, by committing what it deems to be “gender identity” based discrimination, can be punished with a fine of up to $250,000 — on top of other damages a complainant may be awarded.

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1 Response to New York’s 31 genders or “When lunatics run the asylum”

  1. “This bit of nonsense is self explanatory but it has its roots in atheism.

    Atheist hold that there is no evidence for God .

    They deny design and purpose in the universe and seek to impose their desires on reality . Within this paradigm New York city considers that 31 genders is not an exhaustive list of normal genders.”

    Whoa, dude. Back up. I’m an atheist because there is no evidence to support god claims. Likewise, there is no evidence to support the validity of someone’s subjective interpretation of “gender gifted.” Whatever the hell that means.

    I’m as against Sharia law, as I am against being fined a quarter mil for not recognizing Gender Gifted people. I’m equally against Exodus 22:18.

    When something that isn’t fact based starts to control my life, I get irritated.

    “They deny design and purpose…”

    I do? I didn’t realize that. “….seek to impose their desires on reality.” Don’t you? Doesn’t your desire to drink water impose itself on the orientation of the water? Doesn’t your desire to consume carbon based nutritional biomass impose your desire upon that matter? If our desires were not imposed on reality, we would just be laying on the ground, withering away from dehydration and starvation.

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