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Deluded : The EU, which is clearly deluded , is facilitating sexual nihilism, sexual anarchy, gender confusion, and Sharia at the same time .

  The  European Union is  marching  at  a  brisk clip  from  Christianity into  the  satanic   LGBTTT+  political  ideology of  sexual nihilism , sexual  anarchy  and  gender confusion.  Many  “priests”   in  institutions  such as  the Church of  England  are … Continue reading

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Inventors of Stupidity : Sexual nihilists and anarchists risk side effects of liver and kidney failure in order to engage in buggery

  Pre-exposure  prophylaxis  or  PreEP  is like  taking  antibiotics  which  could  damage  one’s  liver  and kidney  resulting  in liver and  kidney  failure  in order  to  satisfy  an  addiction for  drinking  water from sewers. TRUVADA side effects. It … Continue reading

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