Deluded : The EU, which is clearly deluded , is facilitating sexual nihilism, sexual anarchy, gender confusion, and Sharia at the same time .


The  European Union is  marching  at  a  brisk clip  from  Christianity into  the  satanic   LGBTTT+  political  ideology of  sexual nihilism , sexual  anarchy  and  gender confusion. 

Many  “priests”   in  institutions  such as  the Church of  England  are   functional  atheists  with moral  positions  indistinguishable from that  of   Terrance  Higgins  Trust  the  produces  of  the the “Hard  Cell  Playroom” 

It is  therefore  ironic  that  islam , which  the  satanic  European atheists   and   functional  atheists  support in  their (the  atheists)  intersectional war  against  christianity,   is  set  to  dominate  Europe in a  few  decades  so  one  could  expect  to see  homosexuals  being thrown  off  tall  builds  in Europe  in the not to distant  future.  



Muslim births to overtake Christian births globally within two decades as Islamic population is expected to grow by 70% in the next 40 years
Islam could overtake Christianity as world’s largest religion by end of century
Christians accounted for 33% global births in recent years but also 37% of global deaths, according to Pew Research Center
Muslim population rose by over 150m in 2010-15 to 1.8bn; as of 2015, there were 2.3bn Christians
‘Christianity is literally dying in Europe,’ said lead Pew researcher
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