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A good move : Florida defunds Planned Parenthood, the killers of the most innocent and vulnerable humans.

  There is no good reason to fund killers…those who take innocent lives. There is however every good reason to support chaste and responsible living and also to support every mother and every child however the child is conceived. Both … Continue reading

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EU Parliament votes against foolish, savage and barbaric secular proposal that killing and dismembering unborn human beings is a human “right”

  ” Fools  rush in where wise men never go “   Secularists  continue  to show  their  stupidity, savagery and  barbarism by  claiming  that  it  is  a  “human  right ” to decapitate, dismember  and   otherwise  destroy  unborn human beings. These  … Continue reading

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Public Policy achievements of the secular world view : Killing unborn children by decapitation

” What mommy did.. what will mommy do next” ? In forming  public policy without a transcendent reference point  (effectively atheistic) secularists  deny objective morality and design or purpose in the universe. Within this paradigm  the  supposedly   intellectual  secularists  have … Continue reading

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‘after-birth abortion’ – the singular stupidity and inevitable violence of Secularism

In  the  Christian tradition  human  worth  is  determine by  the consideration  that  man is  made  in the image  of  God  –  Imago  Dei . It  is  only  if  an individual   sins  against  God  or  His  image  that  the  individual  is  … Continue reading

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The UN lying as per usual – this time WHO about Maternal Mortality

  Abortion Advocates  for  abortion usually  claim  that  greater access  to legal  abortion is  necessary  to decrease  high  and  unresponsive  levels  of   maternal  mortality Maternal Deaths Decline Sharply Across the Globe By DENISE GRADY Published: April 13, 2010 … Continue reading

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Logical consequences of Secularism – ” After Birth Abortions”

Philosophical  positions   will   be  taken  to  their  logical  consequences.  See  below Ethicists give thumbs-up to infanticide by Michael Cook | 25 Feb 2012 | 5 comments tags: abortion, personhood, utilitarianism If abortion, why not infanticide? This leading … Continue reading

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Recommended Readings in the Jamaican Press on the LGBTTTI Agenda # 3

    Jamaica  has  been  described  as  “little  but tallawah”  meaning  small  but  capable. Fortunately  for  the  Jamaican  public   this capacity  applies  to  understanding  the  LGBTTTI  “rights”  agenda .  Local  commentators  have  written  excellent   articles  in  the   press   … Continue reading

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The San Jose Articles : Challenging the commitment to Lies , Distortion and Advocacy at the United Nations

Lying,  distortion  of  information  and  advocacy  appear  to be business orthodoxy  at  the  United  Nations .   Although  the  United  Nation is  officially  neutral  on  abortion   WHO, UNFPA  and  UNICEF   appear  to  conduct  themselves  as  aggressive  pro-abortion activists . Further, … Continue reading

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