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Duncieheaded atheists discuss the meaning of life

  Atheism is  the crutch  upon  which those  who  choose to live  the depraved  life   of  sexual   nihilism, sexual  anarchy  and  gender confusion  hide. They  fail  to realise  the utter  incoherence  of  atheism  adding  stupidity  to  their  depravity. … Continue reading

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Do you hear what I hear ? World views and the “greater good” : why bestiality will be a “right”.

” we wish to remove the buggery  law  in order to  make  all  sexual  orientations  and all  intimate  activities , whatever  the  nature of the   participants (human / human  or human / non human), normal,  legal  and  morally  equivalent … Continue reading

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Atheism, morality, autonomy and the logic of a “right” to sex with donkeys

  Without  the  transcendent  (supernatural)  we  are  all  simply  chemical reactions  obeying  the  laws  of  physics.  No  metaphysical  concept  of  good and  evil  or  “ought to”   could   be derived  from our  chemical  reactions  certainly  no  more  than  they  can  … Continue reading

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Of worldviews , autonomy, anal penetration, scat and farming

worldview |ˈwərldˌvyoō| (also world view)noun : 1.  a particular philosophy of life or conception of the world 2. a commitment, a  fundamental  orientation  of  the  heart,that  can  be  expressed  as  a  story or  in a set  of  presuppositions (assumptions which  may  be  true  … Continue reading

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Who will guard the Guard ?: Protecting the “United Nations Declaration of Human Rights” from depravity .

Jamaica’s  buggery law makes  activities  such  as  fisting, felching, rimming, anal penetration  between Men who  have Sex  with Men (MSM)  illegal. However  some  persons   claim ” privacy rights”   to  these  depraved   behaviours  staking  their  claims  to  these  rights  … Continue reading

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Life, information, Intelligence , “the Cybernetic Cut” and the fantasies of atheism.

  A) Professor  Hubert  P  Yockey  is  a  physicist  who  worked  on the  Manhattan  Project  to  develop  the  world’s  first  atomic  bomb. Professor  Yockey   does  not  agree  that  abiogenesis –  the origin of  life – could  occur  in the so-called  … Continue reading

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F Y I : All Atheists are not as stupid as the New Atheists.

Carl  Packman  is  atheist  but  is  neither  belligerent  nor  stupid  –  the  combination  of  belligerence , stupidity  and  atheism  is   uniquely   characteristic  of   the   “New  Atheist” . Packman writes  on the  New  Atheists  in his  blog … Continue reading

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Secular Society and Stupidity : Staring into the abyss

  ” Fools  rush  in  where wise  men  never  go  and  angels  fear  to  tread”   Dinesh d’Souza  discusses  ethics  without  God   at  : UNCONVENTIONAL WISDOM Staring into the Abyss Why Peter Singer makes the New Atheists nervous. Dinesh D’Souza … Continue reading

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Secular Stupidity — Euthanasia, “more rights”, “more choice” and “Staring into the Abyss” –

Euthanasia  is  legal  in  the Netherlands. Michael  Cook examines  some  of  the issues  at  : Euthanasia becoming integral part of Dutch medicine by Michael Cook | Sep 17, 2011 | Dutch doctors have a professional obligation to refer patients … Continue reading

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Including and Beyond the Hard Cell Playroom : Sexual anarchy – every conceivable act of intimacy a “right” ?

To  be  coherent  the  concept  of  “Gay  rights”   inevitably   must    embrace  all  of  the  activities  of  the  “Hard  Cell” Website (  and  more. This  conclusion does not   imply  that  all  Men who have  Sex with  Men  (MSM) … Continue reading

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