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Of Gay pride and jackhammering among MSM

“Gay  is   good”  is  the  mantra  of  LGBT  activists  and  there  supporters. Gay  is  so  good  to  disagree  with the  lifestyle  is  to  be  throughly  despicable –  a   hater, a  bigot  and  a homphobe. FISTING Fisting / Things … Continue reading

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Britain Today : Anal penetration, scat etc trumps Christian values for child rearing, HIV highest ever among MSM, Mohammed most popular name for boys

“Those whom  the gods wish to destroy they  first make mad”                                                            … Continue reading

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Defending scat and farming by name calling and claiming “privacy rights”

Scat is  one of  the options the Hard Cell Playroom offers Men who have Sex with Men (MSM). How  does  the Gay community counter criticisms  of  these  behaviours ?  Simple. They call persons  who oppose  the lifestyle haters, bigots, homophobes … Continue reading

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Tolerance or … seeking “rights” to fisting, felching, farming etc whilst name calling ” ?

LGBT  activists  and  their  supporters  call   lack  of   support  for  the  homosexual  lifestyle,  which includes  activities  such  as  anal  penetration, fisting, felching, rimming, watersports  etc, homophobia. Persons  who  do  not  support  the lifestyle  are  said  to  be “homophobic” … Continue reading

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Take sleep mark death : tolerance and unconditional love ?

The  present  face  of  LGBT  activism  in Jamaica.         LGBT  activism  in  England  :    

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LGBT Fascism (Jamaica) : The intolerant view of tolerance The intolerant view of tolerance Published: Sunday | October 21, 2012 8 Comments Participants in the Love March for sexual purity making their way from Hope Gardens to Half-Way Tree on September 15. – File Ian Boyne, Contributor … Continue reading

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