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Britain going swimmingly down the tubes : focuses on same sex marriage whilst heterosexual marriages fall apart

  “Whom the Gods wish to destroy they first make mad”   Euripedes “Sometimes the role of the intelligent man is simply to point out the obvious” George  Orwell It has been said  that perversion is being unable to make decisions … Continue reading

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“Day Against Homophobia” – Diplomats calling for embrace of anal penetration, fisting, felching, watersports, scat etc ?

A) The  Hard  Cell  website  of   Terrence  Higgins Trust, a  Government  supported  UK  Charity  describes  intimate  activity  between  Men who  have  Sex  with Men  (MSM)  at :    These  activities  include  anal pentration, fisting, felching, rimming, brown showers, “watersports”, … Continue reading

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“Tolerance” : the British Experience – Loss of freedom of conscience.

A)  A  call  for  tolerance   B) Tolerance  in  the UK The  British  Legislature  has  determined  that  in  a  liberal  democracy  persons  with  traditional  christian  values  will  run  a  foul  of  the law  if  they ” discriminate  in  the  provision  … Continue reading

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