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We are Jamaicans. So Pastors may not call homosexuality sin ?

      Prominent pastor out of Obama Inaugural after revelation he called homosexuality a ‘sin’ curable by Christianity Rev. Louis Giglio, head of Georgia’s Passion City Church, withdraws saying his participation would be dwarfed by controversy over his comments. … Continue reading

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Marriage equality or undermining the nature, meaning and purpose of marriage ?

  “Thinking themselves wise they became fools” Paul of Tarsus   British   Prime  Minister  David  Cameron, President  Barak  Obama  and  other  western liberals  are  defining  new  equals  in nature:              male + male  = … Continue reading

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LGBT Fascism (England) – Loss of freedom of religion and conscience   Christian Bed And Breakfast Owner Susanne Wilkinson ‘Discriminated Against Gay Couple’ The Huffington Post UK  |  By Jessica Elgot Posted: 18/10/2012 16:57 Updated: 18/10/2012 16:57 reddit stumble 5 7 3 227 Get UK Alerts: Sign Up React: … Continue reading

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Farrakhan and Bishop Harry Jackson on President Obama : doing wrong and calling wrong right .

      Four Reasons Black Christians Should Not Vote for Obama Sunday, 14 October 2012 06:45 Eric Cornett 19849 readings By Eric Cornett, Right Side News Outspoken and passionate in his faith, Maryland Bishop Harry R. Jackson, Jr. tells … Continue reading

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