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Of secular stupidity, egalitarianism in behaviour and hard, cold facts

  ”  Thinking themselves  wise they became fools” –Saul of Tarsus Secularists  claim the intellectual high ground. They claim  that in  contrast  to  the  irrational  and  superstitious decision making process  of  religious persons  they  use  reason  and  intellect to  come … Continue reading

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“Free and democratic society” = “free and depraved society” ?

Secular  sexual  anarchists  would  like  Jamaica’s  buggery  law  removed  so  no intimate  activity  would  be  illegal. The  essential  consideration  in the lawsuit  brought  against  the   Jamaican state  by  AIDS  FREE  WORLD   is  that making   anal  penetration, chariot … Continue reading

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