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The oxymoron of ” human rights in a secular society”

….as the world turns. The oxymoron of ” human rights in a secular society” if there is no God. The Bible does not attempt to prove the existence of God its editor, God Himself, knows that this is not necessary … Continue reading

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Duncieheaded atheists discuss the meaning of life

  Atheism is  the crutch  upon  which those  who  choose to live  the depraved  life   of  sexual   nihilism, sexual  anarchy  and  gender confusion  hide. They  fail  to realise  the utter  incoherence  of  atheism  adding  stupidity  to  their  depravity. … Continue reading

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Of functional and other atheistic lifestyle commitments

”  the fool has said in his heart –  there is no God – “ As is typical in human nature and experience atheism comes in many  shapes  and sizes. A study done by staff of  the  University of Tennessee … Continue reading

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