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Dunce , just plain stupid or a plan to re-order society ?

Although  the medical  literature  is  full  of data  as  it  relates  to  HIV  and  MSM  senior Conservative Lord Norman Fowler  appears  to be  ignorant  of  the  facts   and  makes  a  particularly  foolish  presentation  in the House  of  Lords  which is  … Continue reading

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Seeking to change same sex behaviour eg anal penetration, fisting, etc an abuse of human rights ?

“Perversion : the inability to make  decisions in one’s own best  interest”   With  HIV  out  of  control  among  Men who have  Sex  with Men (MSM) in France  and  HIV  and  other  STIs increasing  disproportionately  among  MSM   for  the … Continue reading

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The rights of children : Of foolish secular English Judges and the wisdom of aetheist French homosexuals

“Sometimes  the role of  the intelligent man is simply  to point out  the obvious” –  George  Orwell   “Fools  rush  in where  wise men never  go and angels  fear to  tread” Lord  Justice  Munby  and Mr. Justice Beaston  the  classic … Continue reading

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” Report on the Situation of Human Rights in Jamaica ” – An unbiased report ?

   The  INTER‐AMERICAN COMMISSION ON HUMAN RIGHTS  has  published  its ” Report  on  the  Situation of Human Rights in Jamaica “. The document  may  be seen  at  : The  members  of  the Commission  are  listed  on Page 4 … Continue reading

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The Greater Good : the next generation tolerant of anal penetration,fisting, felching etc by MSM whilst calling those who oppose mentally ill ?

” we wish to remove the buggery  law  which will  make  all  sexual  orientations  and all  intimate  activities , whoever  the  participants , normal,  legal  and  morally  equivalent  to  a  binary adult  heterosexual relationship and  to  teach  these  “truths”  to … Continue reading

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Gay “rights” even over the dead or infected bodies of gay and bisexual men , why ? 29 November 2012 Last updated at 08:58 GMT Share this page Highest-ever HIV diagnoses in gay men By James GallagherHealth and science reporter, BBC News The human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) attacks the immune system Continue reading the main story Related Stories … Continue reading

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Jamaicans not homophobic but homo-negative, and with reason.

” it is important to distinguish between a fear of homosexuals and a negative attitude towards homosexual behaviour“.                                              … Continue reading

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